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Conversation II

Discover the artists behind the work

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Moritz Kloppe

B.1995 Wiesbaden ; Lives & Works in Berlin

Moritz Kloppe is a Berlin-based painter whose journey to be-coming an artist is as unique as his work. Born in Wiesbaden, Kloppe‘s early life was focused on medicine, and he eventually graduated from med school. However, his passion for art never faded, and he eventually chose to pursue painting as his full- time career. Kloppe is renowned for his dynamic and abstract-figurative style, characterized by the use of oil pastels, charcoal, and scrapers made from various materials, as well as traditional painting techniques. His works reflect a profound engagement with the human figure, especially in the interplay between feminine and masculine forms.

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Dorian Balsegur

B.1998 Paris ; Lives & Works in Paris

Dorian Balsegur, known as Daxx, saw a definitive turning point in his artistic vision during his years living in the United States, particularly in New York. His painting style is a cross between neo-expressionism and emotionalism, with mysterious, large, imposing works based on curves and asymmetrical lines that invite the subject to lose himself in the work, through introspection. These are interactive pieces where the imaginary leads us towards the real by appealing to our own memories. A self-taught approach from the outset, resulting in a very organic aspect, guided by his various creative impulses. The aim is to suggest emotions rather than impose them, reinforcing the feeling of closeness and intimacy with the work.

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Jannik Richard

B.1995 Cologne ; Lives & Works in Berlin

Mythological books (especially the figure of the satyr) awaken an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the paintings of current series by Jannik Richard. The motifs remain free of digital processing. The originals are printed, processed and folded by hand. Only then are they transferred to the canvas. The powerful and fast ductus of the top layer creates a deep emotional intensity and captivates with its extraordinary expressiveness.

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Victor Payares

B.1985 Havana ; Lives & Works in Berlin

Through the act of physically incising and augmenting impasto surfaces, Victor Payares transcends the confines of conventional flat mediums, unfurling a spectrum of palettes and weaving intricate tapestries of diverse painting tempos and emotional tones. His latest paintings stand as vibrant, bold canvases, delicately poised on the tightrope between representation and abstraction—rough yet exquisitely scaled expressions of artistic prowess.

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